Springport FFA State Agricultural Skills Contest Results

2019 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

Ag. Mechanics

  • 14th Place - Bailey Railer (E), Luke Betz (E), Cole Twiss (M), Jon Parish(M)
  • 19th Place - David Berlin (M), Vance Brown (M), Alex Moull (E), John Mann (E)
  • 20th Place - Jon Obert(M), Tate Walters (M), Gavin Caudill (E), Carl Gibbs (E)

Ag Sales:

  • 19th Place - Hunter Mann (P), Levi Wells (A), Morgan Kirchmeier (T), Gary Raymond (C)
  • 21st Place - Maddie Howell (P), Danielle Chropowicz (A), Izzy Hayworth (T), Morgan Nowery (C)

Greenhouse Production

  • 11th Place - Ryley Sherman, Lauren Hauler, Lexi Reed, Raelynn Frey

Land Conservation -

  • 11th Place - Kenzie Gibbs, Macaila Bell, Adriana Hale, Ashley Hemminger, Clarence McPherson
  • 34th Place - Brian Oberlin, David Johnson, Nic Bartotti, Dean Carlton, Jon Culbert
  • 35th Place - Tyler Steward, Thomas Haas, Devin Strong, Bryce Hamilton

Environmental Skills:

  • 5th PLACE GOLD - Leah Hammond, Ben Butler, Phillip Betz, Zack Cagle, Bryant Taylor
  • 51st Place - Meah Wood, Timmy Lightner, Gabby Maher, Kamren Steward, Abby Heisler
  • 74th Place - Keleigh LaRocque, Kiley Reed, Abby Brown, Chloe Neelis, Kenzie Williamson

Marketing -

  • 5th Place - SILVER - Kayla LaRocque, Jaden Clemens, Caleb Dyer

Milk Quality

  • 35th Place - Chloe Stowell, Jasmine Davenport, Nathan Howell, Thomas Potter
  • 40th Place - Robert Patterson, Dylan Sanford, Barak Haring,Nate Collier


  • 21st Place - Madelyn Leva, Abbey Gray, Maddy Schroll, Kennedy Kubiak

Vet Science

  • 61st Place - Shane Taylor, Lela Root, Ryann Overweg, Jessica Miller
  • 72nd Place - Chelsea Hemminger, Gail Bryant, Sydney Nutt, Carson Chambers

2018 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

Ag. Sales - Barn wood frames - 20th place

  • Maddie Howell, Izzy Hayworth, Danielle Chropowicz, Kaden Deyoe

Forestry - 21st place

  • Mitch Nutt, Luke Betz, Cole Twiss, Garrett Marshall, Vance Brown

Greenhouse Production - 7th place

  • Ryley Sherman, Lauren Hauler, Travis Bristow, Carter Gibbs, Clare Hayes

Land Conservation - 14th place - STATE SILVER AWARD

  • Bryce Hamilton, Keegan Nutt, Shane Taylor, Tristin Hubbard, Thomas Potter

Land Conservation - 25th place

  • Ashley Hemminger, Raelynn Frey, Emily Brown, Lexi Reed, David Hurley

Marketing - Biggby's Milkster - STATE RUNNER-UP - GOLD AWARD

  • Emmy Dyer, Kassondra Higelmire, Madison Neelis

Milk Quality and Products - 45th place

  • Zach Betz, Jordyn Davis, Carrie Creger, Joe Davis

Milk Quality and Products - 24th place

  • Abbey Gray, Kristin Norman, Jasmine Davenport, Alex Moull

Milk Quality and Products - 37th place

  • Alana Nelson, Madelyn Kidder, Chloe Marsh, Stevie Lake

Poultry - 28th place

  • Cheyenne Friend , Madelyn Leva, Madysun DesGrange, Forester Mullins

Vet Science - 110th place

  • Autumn Greenhill, Anthony Dykstra, Sierra Williamson, Brooklyn Bahr

Vet Science - 74th place

  • Caitlin Henne, Kaylee Dittis, Kursten Schwartz, Triston Siscoe

Ag Sales - Show Box Haulers - 17th place

  • Kayla Larocque, Morgan Kirchmeier, Thomas Haas, Zach Potter

Ag Mechanics - 24th place

  • Bearin Greenhill , Mike Kleehammer, Seth Gardner, Jon Obert

Agronomy - 14th place

  • Abby Kuntzleman, Maddy Camburn, Nate Collier, Grace Newland, Denae Gifford

Enviromental Skills - 34th place

  • Hunter Mann, Levi Wells, Madison Schroll, Kennedy Kubiak,Gary Raymond

Enviromental Skills - 22nd place - STATE SILVER AWARD

  • Caleb Dyer, Chelsea Hemminger, Jena Sunkle, Sydney Nutt, Josie Newland

Enviromental Skills - 26th place - STATE SILVER AWARD

  • Carson Chambers, Robert Patterson, Jasmine Jones, Emma Sommers, Gage Warner

2017 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

Marketing - State Runner-up - GOLD:

  • Abigale Kunztleman , Carly Claucherty, Grace Newland

Horse Judging :

  • Abigale Kunztleman (4th place individual)

Ag Sales - Rockin H - 3rd out of 23 teams - GOLD:

  • Caitlin Henne, Emmy Dyer, Madelyn Heisler, Riley Sherman

Ag. Sales - Supertunia - Vista Bubblegum - 20th out of 23 teams:

  • Chloe Stowell, Kursten Schwartz, Kalya LaRocque, Jaden Clemens

Ag. Sales -22nd out of 23 teams:

  • Ashley Brown, Madison Neelis, Morgan Kirchmeier, Tyson Bahr

Environmental Skills - 7th out of 74 teams - GOLD:

  • Autumn Moore, Claire Hayes, Carter Gibbs, Anthony Dykstra, Alexa Gilbert

Environmental Skills - 55th out of 74 teams:

  • Brooklyn Bahr, Alana Nelson, Alex Moull, Madison Gray

Environmental Skills - 24th out of 74 teams - SILVER:

  • Hunter Heisler, Bryce Hamilton, Nate Collier, Shawn Vogt, Mitch Nutt

Vet Science - 35th out of 120 teams:

  • Maddy Camburn, Noah Baxter, Carrie Creger, Cassidy Morton

Vet Science - 49th out of 120 teams:

  • Kaylee Dittis, SarahJane Sterrett, Zach Betz, Bethany Siple

Forestry - 51st out of 52 teams:

  • Madelyn Leva, Madysun DesGrange, Baileigh Proteau, Aaron Ludwig, Emily Branstetter

Ag. Mechanics - 27th out of 33 teams:

  • David Berlin, Jon Obert, Bailey Railer

Dairy Foods - 28th out of 58 teams:

  • Madelyn Kidder, Destiny Brown, Amber Heisler, Justin Bierwagon, Dylan Konkle

Dairy Foods - 35th out of 58 teams:

  • Ashley Hemminger, Raelynn Frey, Madisyn O'Dell

Poultry - 29th out of 35 teams:

  • Gage Howell, Adriana Hale, Zack Potter, Logan Garrett

Land Conservation - 31st out of 43 teams:

  • Kenzie Gibbs, Lauren Hauler, Emily Brown, Lexi Reed

Land Conservation - 20th out of 43 teams:

  • Bri Mead, Tate Walters, Zayne Gray, Shane Taylor, Trenton Grady

Land Conservation - 18th out of 43 teams:

  • Jasmine Davenport, Sierra Williamson, Cheyanne Ewing, Abbey Gray


2016 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

Horse Judging - 9th out of 21 teams:

  • Abigale Kunztleman (3rd place individual), Cassidy Morton, Logan Garrett, Noah Baxter

Ag Sales - Rockin H - 2nd out of 19, Alternate to State, Gold Award:

  • Caitlin Henne (pro), Emmy Dyer (adv.), Madelyn Heisler (cust), Carly Claucherty (tele)

Ag. Sales - Supertunia - Vista Bubblegum - 16th out of 19 teams:

  • Trenton Grady (pros), Cheyenne Piepkow (tele), Kalya LaRocque (adv.), Jaden Clemens (cust.)

Ag. Sales - Oxygen supplement - 17th out of 19 teams:

  • Kaylee Brenke (adv), Dylan Neelis (pros), Payton Klingman (cust), Abi Snyder (tele)

Environmental Skills - 15th out of 76 teams, Silver Award:

  • Alexis Thrush, Alexa Gilbert, Danielle Russell, Lela Root, Autumn Moore

Environmental Skills - 25th out of 76 teams, Silver Award:

  • Bri Mead, Shane Taylor, Zayne Gray, Riley Sherman, Kate Lightner

Environmental Skills - 56th out of 76 teams:

  • Ashley Hemminger, Tate Walters, Bailey Railey, Kenzie Gibbs, Lexi Reed

Vet Science - 65 out of 112 teams:

  • Maddy Camburn, Noah Baxter, Cassidy Morton, Nathan Raymond

Vet Science - 63 out of 112 teams:

  • Kaylee Dittis, Jordyn Davis, Rebeccah Wixson, MaKenzie Patterson

Ag. Communications - 2nd out of 15 teams, Alternate to State, Gold Award:

  • Keeley Church, Bethany Siple, Vella Naylor

Ag. Mechanics - 23rd out of 25 teams:

  • Kelso Stowell (electrical), Eric Parr, Logan Haas, Joe Taylor (electrical)

Ag. Mechanics - 11th out of 25 teams:

  • Ty Markovich (electrical), Peyton Metheringham (electrical), Jordan Pitcher, Brandon Hamilton

Dairy Foods - 28th out of 62 teams:

  • Madelyn Kidder, Destiny Brown, Amber Heisler, Kassondra Higelmire

Dairy Foods - 50th out of 62 teams:

  • Mike Kleehammer, Forester Mullins, Madison O'Dell

Dairy Foods - 43 out of 62 teams:

  • Tyson Bahr, Amber West, Brenden Hunter

Land Conservation - 13th out of 44 teams - Silver Award:

  • Sean O'Hearon, Zach Vanderpyle, Ryley Gray, Baileigh Proteau, Emily Branstetter

Crops - 24th out of 47 teams:

  • Zach Betz, Tyler Tanner, Gage Howell, Gracie Newland, Raelynn Frey



2015 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

Horse Judging - 14th:

  • Kay Raymond, Abigale Kunztleman, Cassidy Morton

Ag Sales - Rockin H - 3rd GOLD:

  • Caitlin Henne, Emmy Dyer, Madelyn Heisler, Amber Heisler

Environmental Skills - 45th:

  • Bethany Siple, Anna Siscoe, Hanna Day, Dylan Neelis

Environmental Skills - 37th:

  • Kassondra Higelmire, Gracie Newland, Destiny Brown, Madelyn Kidder, Noah Teague

Environmental Skills - 54th:

  • Hannah Keeler, Aleigha Siefert, Payton Kingman, Katie Berlin, and Gage Towsley

Vet Science - 85th:

  • Maddy Camburn, Noah Baxter, Jenna Crites, Alexis Betz

Vet Science - 20th SILVER:

  • Amber Lucas, Amanda Wiel, Blythe Carrier-Hagerman, Jarod Taylor

Ag. Communications - 9th:

  • Keeley Church, Sarah-Jane Sterett, Emily Branstetter

Ag. Mechanics - 24th:

  • Ryley Gray, Eric Parr, Matt Wixson, Brittzen Heisler

Greenhouse Crop - 12th:

  • Tyler Tyscko, Warren McMurtrie, Michaela Quinin

Land Conservation - 3rd - GOLD:

  • Sam Wagner, David Rundquist, Adriana Lucas, Lennon Robinson, Bri Church

Forestry - 19th:

  • Dakota Rogers, Chase Mead, Sean O'Hearon

Crops - 37th:

  • Brian Austin, Daniel Brown, Bree Talbot, Ashley Dittis, Zach Betz

Farm Business Management - 9th:

  • Kody Brown

Floriculture - 46th:

  • Calista Sherman, Carly Claugherty, Baileigh Proteau, Mak Patterson



2014 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

Ag Marketing - Perwinkle Goat Milk - 4th Silver :

  • Courtney Heisler, Carlee Hoag, Tricia Raymond

Ag Marketing - Rockin H Club Lambs - 10th :

  • Dakodah Proteau, Ashley Jones, Brandon Jones

Ag Sales -RuMend - 17th:

  • Kyle Frizzell, Logan Neill, Jim Piepkow, Andrew Grady

Ag Sales -Periwinkle Goat Milk - 5th Silver:

  • Marissa Markovich, Clay Chamberlain, Shelby Lammers, Kim Keeler

Ag Sales -Rockin H Club Lambs - 15th:

  • Daniel Brown, Sam Wagner, Adriana Lucas, Bree Talbot

Farm Business Management - 6th:

  • Taylor Heisler

Vet Science - 108th:

  • Amanda Wiel, Amber Lucas

Vet Science - 82nd:

  • Blythe Carrier-Hagerman, Shay Kirchmeier, Dani Peckham, Jarod Taylor

Environmental Skills - 20th Silver Award:

  • Alyssa King, Alizabeth Hicks, Ryley Dykstra, Devin Brown, Carly Claughtery

Environmental Skills - 28th:

  • Kyle Austin, Baileigh Proteau, Brooklyn Moyer, Hanna Day, Seath Faust

Environmental Skills - 24th:

  • Bethany Siple, Sean O'Hearon, Calista Sherman, Jeremy Drinkwater

2013 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

Ag Marketing - "The Box - 4th in the State :

  • Amber Lucas, Sam Wagner, Maggie Belcher

Ag Sales -8th in the State:

  • Daniel Brown, Savannah Underhill, Zach Naramor, Hannah Zick

Ag Communications -6th in the State:

  • Carlee Hoag, Marissa Markovich , Kenlee Burton

Ag Mechanics -12th in the State:

  • Kory Slaby, Brian Austin, Chase Mead, Dean Dack

Ag Mechanics -27th :

  • Kristian Speer

Dairy Foods -17th SILVER AWARD:

  • Dani Heisler, Meagan Bila, Kaylee Collier

Crops - 22nd in the State:

  • Camille Haynes, Merissa Talobt, Anna Siscoe

Greenhouse Crop - 12th in the State:

  • Andrew Grady, Dakodah Proteau, Kim Keeler

Vet Science - 59th:

  • Adriana Lucas, Amanda Wiel, Karri Wiel, Killian England

Environmental Skills 45th:

  • Megan Minix, Valerie Smith, Chance Brock, Audrey Siefert, Thomas Pullen, Devin Nelson

Environmental Skills 37th:

  • Shay Kirchmeier, Abi Crandall, Tyler Tanner, Brandon Hamilton, Blythe Hager-Carrier

Environmental Skills 59th:

  • Kody Brown, Michael Brown, Ty Markovich, Alex Engel, Jarod Taylor, Kevin Davis

2012 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

Ag Marketing - Sheep Cheese - 1st - STATE CHAMPIONS:

  • Aaron Justice , Erin Cater, Kelsey Hawkins

Ag Marketing - Kellogg's - 3rd out of 6:

  • Faith Mead, Kaylee Collier, Diane Belcher, Jamie Carter

Ag Sales - 9th out of 22:

  • Sierra Rogers, Dakota Rogers, Clay Chamberlain, Danielle Heisler

Ag Sales - 11th of 22:

  • Austin Sebastian, Crystal Goodnoe, Hope Hackworth, Dean Dack

Ag Communications - 5th:

  • Morgan Tuthill, Daneille Townsend, Kim Keeler, Amber Lucas, Shelby Smith

Ag Mechanics - 20th out of 30:

  • Logan Neil, Mark Hauler, Meagan Bila, Collin Hawes

Ag Mechanics - 25 out of 30:

  • Brian Austin, Wyatt Thacker, Dominic Warner, Sonia Dack

Dairy Foods - Blue - 25th out of 56:

  • Ciara Sunnderman, Erin Shafer, Morgan McGaffigan, Austin Ward, Marissa Markovich

Dairy Foods - Gold - 31st out of 56:

  • Rachel Leightner, Kellsie Baker, Shelby Lammers, Taylor Heisler

Forestry - 32nd out of 46:

  • Naomi Schmidt, Corbin Armendariz, Cody Beam, Jim Piepkow, Dakodah Proteau

Vet Science 68th out of 94:

  • Lurah Doane, Jarod Taylor, Jessica Monty, Mallery Gafkjen

2011 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

Ag Marketing - Garden Vigor - 4th out of 5:

  • Zack Keeler, Erin Cater, Kelsey Hawkins

Ag Marketing - Kellogg's - 3rd out of 5:

  • Faith Mead, Raelynn Burger, Diane Belcher, Jamie Carter

Ag Sales - 7th out of 13:

  • Rachel Leightner, Sierra Rogers, Austin Sebastian, Brandy Bowers

Ag Communications - Blue - 10th out of 12:

  • Danielle Heisler, Taylor Heisler, Brittany Watson, Shelby Lammers, Kim Keeler

Ag Communications - Gold - 11th out of 12:

  • Julie Patterson, Dakodah Proteau, Morgan Tuthill, Morgan McGaffigan, Sarah Mead, alt. Jessica Monty

Ag Mechanics - 17th out of 24:

  • Logan Neil, Dominic Warner, Brandon Tank, Lucas Bila

Dairy Foods - Blue - 18th out of 38 :

  • Kaylee Collier, Kelsi Lauer, Meagan Bila, Seaira Craddock

Dairy Foods - Gold - 27th out of 38:

  • Courtney Heisler, Clay Chamberlain, Erin Shafer, Shelby Smith

Forestry - 21st out of 39:

  • Mark Hauler, Naomi Schmidt, Cass Cortright, Kyle Frizzell, Brandon Jones

Food Science - 3rd out of 10:

  • Danielle Townsend, Nick Ackley, Marissa Markovich, Lurah Doane


2010 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

Ag Marketing - Archery: 1st Place - STATE WINNER

  • Erika Prine, Nicole Potts, Andrew Lammers

Ag Marketing - Bedding: 4th Place

  • Lucas Bila, Kaylee Collier, Haylee Mendenall

Ag Sales: 2nd Place - STATE RUNNER-UP

  • Rachel Leightner, Lesley Hammontree, Haylie Phillips, Kristy Dyer

Ag Communications: 7th Place

  • Aaron Justice, Sierra Rogers, Lurah Peterson, Brandy Bowers, Kelsey Hawkins

Ag Mechanics: 29th Place

  • Cody Barnhill, Jake Mead, Joe Ericson, Antonio Comperchio

Environmental Skills: 43rd Place

  • Jesse Raymond, Sondra Riske, Jeff Teague, Sonia Dack, Erin Cater

Dairy Foods: 15th Place

  • Danielle Heisler, Katelyn Prine, Sarah Mead, Meagan Bila, alternate: Brittny Bommarito

Greenhouse: 16th Place

  • TM Russell, Daniel Eglon, Noah Spengler, Kahley Emens


2009 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

Ag Marketing - STATE WINNER:

  • Lesley Hammontree, Sarah Mead, Haylie Phillips (alt.: Erika Prine, Katelyn Prine)

Ag Sales - 9th place:

  • Rachel Leightner, Jake Mead, Taylor VonHeeder, Cameron Bull

Ag Mechanics - 22nd place:

  • Hayley Stout, Chance Newsome, Drew Harding, John Ward

Crops - 23rd place:

  • Jesse Raymond, Aaron Justice, Sondra Riske, Brandon Davis

Dairy Foods - 38th place:

  • Brittny Bommarito, Ben Hawes, Daniel Eglon, Laura Ledvina

Ag Communications - 7th place:

  • Seth Reinecke, Cory Brondyke, Andre Kinard, Devon Newsome

2008 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

Meats Judging Team Gold - 4th Place, Silver:

  • Katelyn Prine, Erika Prine, Nicole Potts, and Lesley Hammontree

Meats Judging Team Blue - 9th Place:

  • Alayna Parks, Sarah Mead, Kristy Dyer, and Haylie Phillips


2006 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

Ag Sales:
  • Bethany Needham, Danielle Martinez, Maxie Ward, Liza Dyer
  • Marc Hasenick, Adam Prine, Alex Cook
Environmental Skills:
  • Kelsey Schmidt, Don Dyer, Jon Mathews
Farm Business Mgt. 1:
  • Devin Gratton, Krystal Julian, Katelynn Newsome, Kyra VanOrder
Farm Business Mgt. 2:
  • Jordan Riske, Jacob Hinkle, Robert Edwards, Drew Hasenick
Greenhouse Crop 1:
  • Stacia Patton, Rachelle Sherman, Jackie Dyer, Brandi Dix
Greenhouse Crop 2:
  • Ashley Beckett, Shannon Hobbins, Kalieh Hammaker, Tory Niceswander
  • Adam Prine, Marc Hasenick, Mac Ward, Chris Sanford
  • Alex Ketchum, Travis Cooper, John Trudell
Ag Mechanics:
  • Aaron Underhill, J.C. Herwarth, Josh Smith, Jordan DeVall, alt. Cody Longon
Ag Communications 1:
  • Kevin Lauer, Nathan Mead, Kearstin Johnson, Sarah Cuatt
Ag Communications 2:
  • Donny Cousino, Brittany Wilson, Alayna Parks, Andrea Bommarito
Milk Quality :
  • Michael Brininstool, Zach Lyons, Ben Hawes, Sarah Wilcox

2005 Michigan Ag Skills Contest Results

1st Place at State - Marketing:
  • Bethany Needham, Chris Sanford, Danielle Martinez
Ag Sales (8th at State):
  • Liza Dyer, Shonda Betz, Jordan Riske, Amber Bartlett
Crops (5th at State - Silver Award):
  • Marc Hasenick, Adam Prine, Alex Cook
Environmental Skills:
  • Jordan Hawkins, Kelsey Schmidt, John Schmidt, Don Dyer, Web Eglon
Poultry Judging:
  • Becky Newsome, Brandi Ratliff, Kalinda Howell, Tory Niceswander
  • Kylie Ott, Justin Eagen, Jen Quinn, Erin Nicklaw, Jess Vandermolen
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