Springport FFA Alumni and Boosters

President: Jackie Sanford
Vice President: David Lightner
Secretary/Treasurer: Becky Heim
(mailing address: 6580 Hoag Rd., Albion, MI 49224)

(parents, graduates, community members & supporters)

You’ll receive the Michigan “FFA Focus” newsletter, the national FFA Alumni newsletter, recognition at the Springport FFA Banquet, and a voice and vote in alumni business. You can choose to pay annually or once for the rest of your life.

Want to know when the next meeting is or other important alumni information?  Find us at the following…


This is our annual event to raise money for our chapter.  Held every first Saturday of December we offer dinner, drinks, live music, and a door prize to our limited 200 guests.  We have a raffle and live auction at the event to raise additional funds.  The following is what has been raised each year!
2019: $19,000
2018: $20,000
2017: $19,200
2016: $19,800
2015: $12,000
2014: $14,000
2013: $11,000
2012: $10,000

Here is what we have done with the money raised.

-Paid for State & National Convention participants
-SAE grants
-Matched money for Ag on Wheels
-Supported members who showed at county fairs
-Provide scholarship money for the Dekalb & Neisman Awards
-Created the Springport FFA Alumni Ag Career Scholarship
-Help finance WLC participants


Our alumni currently consists of a small number of active members looking for more people who has the same passion for our FFA program as they do.  With the money raised, it’s likely that your child has benefited from the Alumni’s hard work.  Maybe you find yourself wanting to give a few hours back to the alumni or can’t attend the event but want to give anyways let us know!  Any little bit of your help can make our FFA chapter that much greater.  As a whole we can help our chapter succeed to teach our children many great skills for their future.  



Activities you could do as a local FFA Alumni affiliate in Springport?

• Help with Career Night
• Work with skills and leadership teams
• Contribute to completing the new agricultural barn
• Finance trip to national convention
• Send students to Washington Leadership Conference
• Assist with broiler contest
• Help with Chicken & Pork BBQ
• Scholarships to college to study agriculture
• Support county fair auction
• Contribute to Michigan FFA Foundation
• Serve as resource people for classes
• Assist with FFA banquet
• Sponsor plaques at banquet
• Pizza party for leadership teams
• Judge chapter proficiency applications
• Play basketball and softball against FFA members
• Host fitting and showing clinics
• Transport animals to shows
• Hold summer potluck

Michigan FFA Alumni Web-site

Springport Agriscience Program, 300 W. Main St., Springport MI 49284
Phone: (517) 857-3475, Fax: (517) 857-3251, Email: megan.merrill@springportschools.net
Instructors: Megan Merrill, Sara Marie Holderbaum Staff Member: Darin Emelander