Beginning Parliamentary Procedure Information

Below is a list of links for reference material about Parliamentary Procedure:


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1. 4W CAAP Inc. $ - Acronym for planning events/projects

2. Reasons for Using Parliamentary Procedure

3. How to Process a Motion

4. Parliamentary Procedure Note-Taking Guide

5. Parliamentary Procedure Note-Taking Guide Key

6. Debate/Discussion Format and Classes of Motions - PISMO

7. How to Say Each Motion (including chairperson part)

8. Types of Motions, Purposes, and Criteria

9. Complete Motion Chart with Pertinent Information

10. Motion Flash Cards

11. Motions, Classification, Purpose and Pertinent Information Quiz

12. Motions, Classification, Purpose and Pertinent Information Quiz KEY

11. Sample Item of Business Problems

* VIDEO Link - 2015 National Finals in the Novice Parliamentary Procedure Contest - Chapter Conduct of Meetings


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