Springport Agriscience Program Information

2018-2019 Springport Agriscience Program Course Pack Information (pdf document)

2018-2019 Springport Agriscience Completer Information (pdf document)

Springport Agriscience Program Powerpoint

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Chapter #:  MI0186
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Classroom and Laboratory

Agriscience Courses Offered:

  • Biology-Botany
  • Biology-Zoology
  • Mechanical and Technical Systems
  • Ag Finance and Leadership
  • Genetics & Ag Research
  • Agricultural Internship

Agriscience Facilities and Learning Lab Opportunities:

  • Agriscience Barn
  • Greenhouse
  • 11 Acre Pasture/Land Lab
  • Gardens
  • Mech/Tech Shop
  • Biology Lab
  • Technology Computer Lab

FFA Chapter and Leadership Development Activities:

Growing Leaders:

Building Communities:

  • Environmental: Hamlin Township Trail Building, Honey Bee Pollinator Project
  • Human Resources: Food Pantry Chicken Dinners, Sloan Wood Project, Produce Donations to Pantry
  • Citizenship: Adopt-a-Highway, Spartan Sparkle
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Pre-District & Pre-State CDE Critique Nights, Agriscience Advisory Board
  • Economic Development: School Based SAE’s, Labor Auction

Strengthening Agriculture:

  • Support Group: Alumni Harvest Hootenanny Set-up/Clean-up, Ewe Artificial Insemination Day
  • Chapter Recruitment: 8th Grade Recruitment Workshop, Barn Dance, Donkey Basketball, Challenge 1617, MS/YFA
  • Safety: Ag Safety Video Contest
  • Agricultural Advocacy: National FFA Week Radio Interviews, Ag-on-Wheels Million Dollar Challenge, Promote Ag on Social Media, Ag Day at the Capitol
  • Agricultural Literacy: Project RED



SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) Opportunities:

Examples of Student SAEs:

  • Lamb Show Team at the high school
  • Ag Communications & Web site development
  • Ag Internship with the ag dept.
  • Eaton County Fair Livestock Projects (Hogs, Sheep, Dairy Market)
  • Garden Projects
  • Ag Mechanics
  • ANR Sales and Service Placement
  • Turf & Landscape
  • Dairy Farm Placements
  • Ag Education

Springport High School Agriscience Education
Completer Information 2016-17

Michigan Department of Education – Career and Technical Education Standard –
01.000 Agriculture, Agriculture Operations and Related Sciences

1. Safety
2. Animal Anatomy & Physiology
3. Animal Genetics and Reproduction
4. Domestic Animal Production
5. Animal Health & Nutrition
6. Plant Anatomy Physiology
7. Soils & Plant Nutrition
8. Plant Culture and Propagation
9. Natural Resource Systems
10. Environmental Service Systems
11. Agricultural Business & Marketing
12. Career Readiness & Leadership

The Courses within Springport High School (taught by Agriscience certified staff) that comply with the State Segments:

1 - Biology-Botany - Segments:   1  -  6  -  7  -  8  -  9  -  11 - 12   (Biology credit & elective Science credit for graduation when combined with Biology-Zoology)

2 - Biology-Zoology  - Segment:   1  - 2  -  3  - 4  - 5  -  10    (Biology credit & elective Science credit for graduation when combined with Biology-Botany)

3 - Genetics & Ag Research - Segment: Q (Elective Science credit for graduation)
4 - Ag Finance & Leadership - Segment: Q (Math credit when taken as 4th year math requirement for graduation)
5 - Mechanical and Technical Systems - Segments: Q (Art credit for graduation)
6 - Ag Internship - Segment: Q (can be completed only after a student has finished all other segments)
7 - FFA/SAE Lab - Segments: 11 - 12

The State will be keeping track of students in current programs using the following categories:

Concentrators are identified after they complete at least 7 segments with a grade of 2.0 or better. These students must complete the assessment at the time they exit the program.

Completer's are students that completes  all 12 segments with a grade of 2.0 or better and take the technical skill assessment, if available. Students will receive an endorsement on their diploma.

Springport Agriscience Program, 300 W. Main St., Springport MI 49284
Phone: (517)857-3475, Fax: (517)857-3251, Email: megan.merrill@springportschools.net
Instructors: Megan Merrill and Pat Henne