Springport Agriscience Supervised Agricultural Experience Projects

The Agricultural Experience Tracker:

Record all of your SAE information in your AET Account and keep it updated - http://www.theaet.com/
Chapter #:  MI0186
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National FFA Ag Career Network - http://www.ffa.org (you need to use the invitation code to set up your account)

SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) Opportunities:

Examples of Student SAEs:

  • Lamb Show Team at the high school
  • Ag Communications & Web site development
  • Ag Internship with the ag dept.
  • Eaton County Fair Livestock Projects (Hogs, Sheep, Dairy Market)
  • Garden Projects
  • Ag Mechanics
  • ANR Sales and Service Placement
  • Turf & Landscape
  • Farm Placements
  • Ag Education

Springport FFA Fair, Barn, & Equipment Usage Agreement

FFA Barn:

  • Below are some notes and instructions for viewing:
    1. Swann recommends you use Internet Explorer for viewing.
    2. The URL is http://barn.springportschools.net:85
    3. User ID for guest (view only): UserID: springport; Password: 123456; Admin password is admin and password is 1972
    4. It will ask for a plugin to install. Download and install plugin.
    5. It may keep asking for plugin. If it does, go to the Tools button at the top right of Internet Explorer (looks like a gear)
    6. Choose Compatibility View Settings
    7. Choose Add and close. You should then be able to view.


Springport Agriscience Program, 300 W. Main St., Springport MI 49284
Phone: (517) 857-3475, Fax: (517) 857-3251, Email: megan.merrill@springportschools.net
Instructors: Megan Merrill, Sara Marie Holderbaum Staff Member: Darin Emelander